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dart and flutter development course in vadodara_

Dart & Flutter Development Course in Vadodara

Learn Dart and Flutter to create android and ios app

eCare Upskill's Dart & Flutter Development Course in Vadodara equips you with the expertise to design and develop captivating mobile applications using Flutter, Google's revolutionary framework. This program combines the power of Dart, a versatile programming language, with Flutter's cross-platform capabilities, empowering you to build stunning apps for both iOS and Android with a single codebase.

Starts from ₹30,000 ₹5000

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    What Will You Learn in Flutter Development Course

    • Master the creation of iOS and Android apps tailored to your needs.
    • Develop basic Flutter applications as a starting point for your app development journey.
    • Become proficient in Dart programming language and the Flutter framework.
    • Build full-fledged apps for your business or startup, from inception to execution.
    • Create a portfolio of diverse apps to showcase your skills and attract job opportunities.
    • Work as a versatile cross-platform mobile developer, proficient in iOS and Android app development.
    • Gain a competitive advantage in the job market with sought-after Flutter mobile development skills.
    • Learn to enhance app intelligence and effectively handle user input data.
    • Master local data storage techniques and database management for seamless app functionality.

    Dart & Flutter Course Syllabus

    • Understand Dart language basics, including type safety and null safety.
    • Learn Dart SDK installation and project setup on various platforms.
    • Explore Dart CLI and project components.
    • Utilize Dart packages, libraries, and implement linting and tests.
    • Grasp Dart function concepts, including anonymous functions and parameters.
    • Understand Dart operators and control flow statements for program flow control.
    • Learn about Dart classes, constructors, and instance variables/methods.
    • Explore advanced topics like inheritance, polymorphism, and extension methods.
    • Understand Dart generics, libraries, and testing.
    • Dive into Dart isolates and asynchronous programming concepts.
    • Get introduced to Flutter and UI development basics.
    • Learn about form validation, navigation, and page management in Flutter.
    • Set up a Flutter project and understand OAuth2 Authorization Code Flow.
    • Implement authentication infrastructure and secure credentials storage.
    • Develop authentication methods and manage sign-in/out processes.
    • Orchestrating the authentication flow and handling application layer tasks.
    • Set up app widgets and navigation with AutoRoute.
    • Build authentication providers and implement callback functions for authentication flow.
    API Integration Cross-platform development Dart Programming Debugging and Testing Flutter Framework Mobile App Design State Management Widget Creation

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    Meet your Expert Trainer

    Hi, I'm

    Jayveersinh Mahida


    My name is Jayveersinh, and I am an experienced Software Developer specializing in Flutter, Kotlin, and Mobile App Development. I have a strong passion for creating mobile applications and sharing my knowledge. With years of experience, I am thrilled to be your trainer and help you excel in the field of software development. Together, we will learn and progress to unlock your maximum potential.



    Elevate your coding skills with eCare Upskill's renowned certification program. Our comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the field of coding. Enroll now and take the next step towards advancing your career in technology.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Beginners interested in learning Dart and Flutter from scratch.
    • Developers looking to build cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android.
    • Anyone aiming to enhance their skills in mobile app development with Dart and Flutter.
    • Individuals seeking to create dynamic and interactive mobile applications efficiently.
    • Those interested in exploring modern techniques for building mobile apps with Dart and Flutter.
    There are no strict prerequisites for this best dart & flutter course, but familiarity with basic programming concepts and object-oriented programming languages may be helpful.
    • Personalized Attention: Receive tailored instruction and focused guidance.
    • Customized Curriculum: Learn at your own pace with content suited to your needs.
    • Flexibility: Schedule sessions conveniently and adjust learning speed as needed.
    • Immediate Feedback: Get prompt and specific feedback to improve quickly.
    • Enhanced Engagement: Stay motivated with content that matches your interests.
    • Faster Progress: Speed up learning with dedicated support and attention.
    • Confidence Building: Gain assurance through personalized encouragement.
    • Accountability: Stay on track with regular progress checks and goals.
    • Privacy and Comfort: Learn in a private, distraction-free environment.
    • Mobile App Developer: Develop iOS and Android apps for companies or as a freelancer.
    • Flutter Developer: Specialize in using the Flutter framework to build cross-platform apps.
    • Software Engineer: Work on software development projects that involve Dart and Flutter technologies.
    • Front-End Developer: Use your skills to create interactive user interfaces for web applications.
    • Full-Stack Developer: Combine Dart and Flutter expertise with other programming languages for comprehensive web and mobile development.
    • UI/UX Designer: Design visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for mobile and web applications.
    • Mobile Application Architect: Lead the design and development of complex mobile applications using Dart and Flutter.
    • Freelancer: Offer your services as a Dart and Flutter specialist on freelance platforms, working on various projects for clients worldwide.
    • Entrepreneur: Start your own mobile app development business, creating innovative apps and solutions for specific industries or markets.
    Yes, upon successful completion of the Flutter course with certification, you will receive a certificate of completion that verifies your proficiency in Dart and Flutter development.

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