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Best Python Development Course

Learn Python for Web Development and Software Development

Python is extensively applied in data science, data analysis, machine learning, data engineering, web development, software development, and other fields. its data-focused libraries like pandas, NumPy, and matplotlib make it very capable of processing, manipulating, and visualizing data — which is why it's favored in data analysis.

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    What Will You Learn in Python Development Course

    • From foundations to experts, learn about every major Python topic, working with Python 3.
    • Write professional-grade Pythonic code with all the best practices and avoid common pitfalls.
    • Master Object-Oriented Programming and structure your Python programs like a professional.
    • Swiftly understand complex topics like decorators, algorithms, and asynchronous programming in Python.
    • Automate extracting data from websites using web scraping libraries like BeautifulSoup and Selenium.
    • Learn how to write desktop applications with Python and Tkinter.
    • Interact with REST APIs using Python and build a currency converter!
    • Develop a life-long love for programming with Python!

    Course Content

    • Overview of Python programming language
    • Setting up the development environment (IDE, Python installation)
    • Writing and running your first Python program
    • Basic syntax and variables
    • Data Types and Operations
    • Numeric data types (int, float)
    • Strings and string manipulation
    • Boolean data type
    • Basic operators and expressions
    • Control Structures
    • Conditional statements (if, elif, else)
    • Loops (for, while)
    • Control flow (break, continue)
    • Functions and Modules
    • Defining and calling functions
    • Function parameters and return values
    • Importing modules and using built-in functions
    • Lists and Tuples
    • List comprehension
    • Working with tuples
    • Dictionaries and Sets
    • Dictionaries and Sets Operations
    • Introduction to OOP concepts
    • Classes and Objects
    • Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • File handling
    • Reading and writing text files
    • Working with CSV and JSON files
    • Exception handling
    • Lambda functions
    • Decorators
    • Recursion
    • Creating your own modules
    • Packaging your code into modules and packages
    • Importing from different directories
    • Introduction to regular expressions
    • Pattern matching with regex
    • Replacing and extracting text
    • Debugging and Testing
    • Practical projects
    • Building a coding portfolio
    Algorithm design Automation with Python scripts Basic syntax & data structure Database connectivity Error handling and debugging Machine learning and AI Object-oriented programing Using libraries and modules Web development

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    "Becoming a Python Developer can be a great career choice as Python is a versatile and widely-used programming language. Here are some steps to get started:

    • Learn the basics of Python - syntax, data types, variables, control structures, functions, and object-oriented programming.
    • Practice coding.
    • Build projects - websites like GitHub, Reddit, and StackOverflow will help you in it.
    • Learn relevant tools and libraries - Git, Flask, Django, NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.
    • Contribute to open-source projects - GitHub and GitLab.
    • Build a portfolio - use platforms like GitHub to showcase your work.
    • Network with other developers

    While there are many online resources available to learn Python, having a professional expert who can guide you on the industry's specific needs can make a significant difference. At eCareUpskill, we offer Python training taught by experienced experts who provide practical training to help you learn and get ready for the industry. This can be particularly valuable for individuals who want to advance their careers in Python development."

    "Yes, Python is an excellent choice for career development. It's one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and it's in high demand in many industries, including Tech, Finance, Healthcare, and Education. Python can be used in a wide range of applications, including :

    • Web Development,
    • Data Analysis,
    • Machine Learning,
    • Artificial Intelligence,
    • Scientific Computing,
    • Game Development,

    and more. By learning Python, you can position yourself for many exciting and lucrative career opportunities in the field of software development and beyond."

    "Python is a versatile programming language that can be used in a wide range of industries and applications, so there are many job opportunities available for Python developers. Here are some examples of jobs that you can get with Python:

    • Software Developer : Python can be used to develop software applications for desktops, mobile devices, and the web.
    • Data Analyst | Data scientist : Python is widely used in data analysis and data science, making it an excellent choice for careers in these fields.
    • Machine Learning Engineer : Python has a rich ecosystem of machine learning libraries, making it a popular choice for building machine learning models and systems.
    • Web Developer: Python can be used to build web applications using frameworks like Django, Flask, and Pyramid.
    • Game Developer : Python can be used to develop games using frameworks like Pygame and PyOpenGL.
    • DevOps Engineer : Python can be used in automation, infrastructure management, and deployment, making it a useful tool for DevOps engineers.

    Overall, Python's versatility and widespread use make it a valuable skill for a wide range of job roles in various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and education."

    "The salary of a Python Developer in India can vary depending on several factors such as their experience, location, industry, and company size. According to Payscale : Average salary of a Python developer in India is around ₹500,000 per year. However, the salary can range from ₹226,000 to over ₹1,400,000 per year based on the above-mentioned factors. Python developers with more experience, advanced skills in data science, machine learning, and other related fields can command higher salaries. Additionally, Python developers working in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi tend to earn higher salaries compared to those working in smaller cities."

    "Freelance Python Developers typically charge hourly or project-based rates, and these rates can range from ₹500 per hour to over ₹10,000 per hour or more, depending on the complexity of the project and the developer's level of expertise. According to Upwork, the average hourly rate for a freelance Python developer is around $61 (approximately ₹4,600) per hour. However, freelance rates can vary widely depending on the developer's location and the demand for Python development services in their area."

    No, Python is generally considered to be a relatively easy programming language to learn. Its syntax is straightforward and intuitive, and it has a large and supportive community that provides plenty of resources and support for beginners. With dedication and practice, anyone can learn Python and become proficient in it.

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